DieselJet SOLAS tenders: setting the safety standards

The availability of SOLAS tender technology on our DieselJet 505, 565 and 625 tenders represents a total commitment to your safety when you’re out on the seas. All without compromising the signature Williams Jet experience.


A SOLAS tender is a safer tender.

SOLAS stands for Safety of Life at Sea and is an internationally recognized safety standard in the construction, maintenance, and operation of seafaring vessels. So when you’re driving – or being driven in – a SOLAS DieselJet 505, 565 and 625, you can be confident about your safety. And concentrate on enjoying the ride.

SOLAS & Williams.
A perfect combination.

While a SOLAS certification is mandatory for yachts of 500GT or more, we wanted to offer a SOLAS-certified option to those who demand the performance, maneuverability, and luxurious feel of a Williams tender.

As such, we offer two SOLAS-certified DieselJet tenders – the 505, 565 and 625 – to give you the signature Williams ride that you want with the stringent safety measures that you need.


Build your own


Build your own


How is a Williams SOLAS tender different?

SOLAS regulations are rigorous – and in meeting them, our SOLAS tenders have some key differences from the rest of our range, such as the inclusion of a self-righting mechanism.

In the (highly unlikely) event of your SOLAS tender capsizing, our built-in rollover framework inflates and rights the boat, no matter the weather conditions. So you can always feel confident and secure when out at sea.


Safety in every turn.

As well as the rollover framework, our DieselJet SOLAS tenders feature a SOLAS approved Yanmar Diesel engine, fire-retardant laminate structure, and a self-righting mechanism, making our SOLAS tenders as robust as they need to be.

With good reason, too. To achieve SOLAS certification, we have to drop our craft from three meters, swing them into rigid walls, and forcibly invert the boat during the rigorous testing process. Fortunately, we’re more than equipped for these formidable challenges.


Why aren’t all of our tenders SOLAS-certified?

While all our tenders are CE-certified, and more than meet industry safety standards, many tender owners don’t need the additional functionality of a SOLAS rescue tender.

But for those who do – especially those with yachts that weigh more than 500GT – we want to ensure they don’t have to choose between SOLAS certification and the very best tenders on the market.

Build your SOLAS Tender