Behind The Scenes on the Williams 2017 Photoshoot

Behind The Scenes on the Williams 2017 Photoshoot

If you missed all the live updates from our amazing trip to Port de Pollensa, Mallorca last month – then you’ve come to the right place. From storms, thunder and lots of rain, to laughs, speedy races and glorious sunshine, we experienced a bit of everything on our 4-day shoot. Here’s a slice of the action from Day 1.

It’s true what they say, the early bird does catch the worm – and this was a very early start for the shoot crew at Pollensa Port!

Andy the skipper doing what he does best! Navigating the choppy seas across the bay of Pollensa.

Camera man, James, using the yacht’s guardrails for support whilst shooting from the foredeck.

Hanging around in the bay of Pollensa in the pouring rain! It did get us thinking, “Why didn’t we just shoot in Oxford?!”

At last, the sun started breaking through the rain clouds at La Solona – then we started back-tracking, “Glad we didn’t just shoot in Oxford!”

Eye spy, with our little eye, something beginning with ‘J’. Ah, it’s camera man James! Who can spot him floating about in the dark of the cave?…

…but what a spectacular shot. Well done, James.

Here’s Marketing Manager, Ollie, diving to inspect the flourishing sea grass – all to try and escape the blazing midday sun!

We took Andy the skipper for a spin in our most powerful jet tender (we hit about 80kph here!) It’s fair to say he loved it!

In fact, this photograph was taken at that exact same moment by James! What a shot.

And last but not least, it was all smiles after the mega long day (15 hours to be precise) was coming to a close! Heading back to base from the beautiful Cala Figuera.

If you loved seeing what went on behind-the-scenes, we’ve got plenty more of where that came from! Follow us on Instagram (@williamsjettenders) for all the beautiful shots from our time in Port de Pollensa.

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