Looking after your tender

Looking after your tender

We’ve created a range of helpful videos showing you how to carry out basic maintenance on your tender. Ensuring this maintenance is carried out on a regular basis helps keep your tender as good as new ready for every time you take it out on the water.

The new videos include;

  • Introduction to your tender – Get started with your Williams tender, how to safety start and operate your tender before heading out on the water
  • Flush Procedure – Flushing the engine of your tender is an important maintenance task that will keep your tender in excellent working order by removing salt water from the cooling system
  • Care and maintenance – Basic maintenance tasks you can do at home alongside it’s regular services to ensure your tender runs smoothly every time you take it out.

The videos for Minijet, Turbojet and Sportjet maintenance can be found in the owners centre on our website, or on our YouTube channel.

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