Sunseeker Yachts: Q&A with Bryan Jones

Sunseeker Yachts: Q&A with Bryan Jones

We took some time recently to sit down with Sunseeker International’s Marketing Manager, Bryan Jones, to find out about the shared history Williams and Sunseeker have.

WJT: Sunseeker have been working with Williams for over 10 years now, can you tell us about the strong relationship you have with them, and how you came about choosing Williams as the tender supplier of choice for your yachts?

BJ: Williams are the only tender manufacturer who can offer the full package, from not only the physical tender but the fitment system they offer and the ability to customise your tender to match the parent yacht. Our customers demand the best and by offering Williams Tenders, we are able to deliver the industry-leading solution.

WJT: There’s a Williams Jet Tender specified for every Sunseeker yacht currently available, can you talk us through the process of working with Williams when designing a new yacht?

BJ: The Sunseeker technical department works very closely with Williams right from the preliminary stages through to final fit to ensure every tender fitment we specify works perfectly with the Williams product.

3D CAD data is shared extensively at the earliest stage to ensure we are making the most of every inch of space on board. With customers demanding more interior space than ever before, the garages need to become more compact, while still allowing stowage of arguably the most important accessory onboard, the Williams tender!

It’s a challenge, but due to the close working relationship we have with Williams we are able to offer a solution which suits our clients.

WJT: As we know, all Sunseeker yachts are designed to have a specific Williams model in its garage, why is this so important for your customers?

BJ: The Williams product offers the freedom and flexibility to not only go from ship to shore, but also entertain the kids, explore your surroundings, wakeboard, monoski and generally have a great time when anchored up. Williams have become the industry standard, driven primarily by customer demand. Our customers demand the best performance from their Sunseeker and that doesn’t change when it comes to the tender, no other tender manufacturer comes close delivering the balance of performance, fun and style with the compact size that Williams can deliver.

WJT: Sunseeker and Williams have such a successful partnership, where do you see this collaboration going in the future? Are there any exciting projects in the pipeline?

BJ: We have lots of exciting projects in the pipeline that will utilise the next generation of Williams tenders. Williams have listened to our feedback regarding the pressure we are facing on garage size and tender weight and are bringing to the market a solid evolution that answers a lot of questions. Watch this space…

WJT: Williams also partnered with you as part of the ‘Sunseeker Ultimate’ in Mallorca in July 2016, how did Williams help complete this experience for your guests?

BJ: Williams did a great job supplying a number of tenders to allow guests easy access to shore during our numerous stop-offs around Mallorca. They also offered a taxi service for our final night party at La Fortaleza, allowing guests to enjoy themselves rather than worrying how to get back to their boat after the festivities ended.

WJT: Finally, What’s your personal favourite tender? And if you could customise it in any way, what would you ask for?

BJ: My personal favourite is the Dieseljet range of tenders due to the ease of use, the longer fuel range the larger tank capacities allow and the sociable layout afforded by the multiple bench seats, ensuring guests enjoy a comfortable ride from their Sunseeker to shore.

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