There’s no such thing as perfect, but we think we’re pretty close

There’s no such thing as perfect, but we think we’re pretty close

At Williams, we’re constantly improving and developing our products, the driving force for this are our customers. Over the years, we get to know our customers and encourage them to share their feedback with us. The new Sportjet 345 and 395 are born out of a wealth of feedback from the people who know them equally as well as we do; our customers.

As designers and engineers we understand that there’s ‘no such thing as perfect’. And that’s part of what makes our job exciting.  It’s about finding the right balance. The balance between styling, speed and efficiency, compliment, size and reliability. To move our product development on, we needed to look beyond our own experiences.

The new Sportjet 345 and 395 comes with;

A new seating configuration, allowing for a much greater social experience, with a much more inclusive position for the skipper than the equivalent Turbojet model of the same size

Two rear facing seats offer a new perspective of the journey

The flip-up footrest makes sitting in the rear facing seats more comfortable and ensures confidence when underway

The optional boarding pole allows for easier boarding

A Ski-Pole gives you the option to use the Sportjet 345 and 395 for more than just getting from A to B

The folding backrest creates the perfect space for sunbathing or enjoying company

The new models are run by the BRP Rotax Ace 903 engine and having a 50-litre fuel tank provides class leading performance, reliability and range.

Being part of the Sportjet family, they retain the handling characteristics of their older siblings and are incredibly fun to skipper.

As for ‘no such thing as perfect’ – that may be the case in design and engineering, but we think we’ve come pretty close.

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