Williams Jet Tenders: Custom Spotlight

Williams Jet Tenders: Custom Spotlight

Williams Jet Tenders are world renowned for their fun, sporty and practical range of tenders, with many of the world’s biggest and smallest superyachts utilising the DieselJet, Sportjet and Turbojet ranges to get from ship to shore in style. The ability to customise your tender, even down to the finest detail, has enabled Williams to become the UK’s largest boat builder in terms of unit volume, producing well over 650 tenders per year.

The factory has been at full capacity since the start of the year, producing some very unique custom tenders. From the ‘Colorado Yellow’ DieselJet 625 destined for one of the largest sailing yacht’s in the world, to a very smart pair of Dark Blue Turbojet 285’s destined for a 70m Feadship. We have listed below the top 5 items to consider when building and specifying your very own custom tender.


Will it fit? The most frequently asked question. Fitting the largest tender possible on your boat seems like the most important decision but there’s more to think about than just pure length and capacity. Consult the Williams Yacht Fitment guide to understand what will fit, you may have the platform size to accommodate a bigger tender but you need to ensure you hydraulic platform has the lifting capacity. You can find your boat within our Yacht Fitment guide, which will tell you the fitment options available.

Style & Layout:

Do you like the thrill of racing round the bay or do you prefer the refined driving experience of sitting beside your partner on the way to dinner ashore? Many parent yachts will accommodate tenders from across our ranges, so you need to consider whether you like the side by side seating of the Sportjet and Dieseljet ranges or prefer the classic styling and sporty layout of the Turbojet. All ranges offer the trademark Williams handling, speed and manoeuvrability but utilise different seating layouts to suit different users.

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The beauty of buying a Williams Tenders is the ability to make it your own, we have built tenders in every colour imaginable. You have the freedom to choose the tube colours, upholstery material and colours and even the hull, deck and helm colours to create a boat that truly reflects your personality. We can match the colour of the tender to the paint on your big boat or the colour of your favourite car. Have a look on our ‘Build My Tender’ configuration tool to get your creative juices flowing, the sky’s the limit.

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Do you plan on exploring and discovering the local coves, bays and calas in your tender? Do you plan on making lengthy passages? How you use the tender will determine the level of accessories you might want. We offer a range of navigation and audio accessories that connect seamlessly so you can listen to your favourite music whilst navigating to your favourite restaurant, if lights are your thing, we can offer underwater lights that will brighten the darkest night or LED deck lights to make moving from big boat to little boat easier in the dark . We also offer more practical accessories like partial and full tube re-inflation on our Dieseljet’s so you don’t need to work up a sweat inflating them manually. Have a look on our ‘Build My Tender’ configuration tool to specify the options you would fit to your dream tender.

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The final touch, we can embroider or screen-print almost any logo or name on the upholstery of your tender so everyone in the marina will know who the tender belongs too. We can also fit custom made tube logos on our Dieseljet range so your tender is recognisable from every angle. Your big boat has a name so why not the little boat aswell?

Whatever you’re tender requirement, Williams has a solution. Explore our ‘Build My Tender’ configuration tool to start building your dream tender today.

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